Heraclius was the Christian Byzantine emperor who ruled over Greece from 610 to 642 C.E. During this period, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had begun preaching in Arabia, and he soon sent letters to the kings of various lands, inviting them to believe in him, the final Messenger, who had been prophecied in all previous Holy Books of God (see FACT issues 2 & 5) . Upon reading the letter, Heraclius became curious about this “new” religion – Islam. He therefore summoned Abu Sufyan, a notable non-Muslim Arab merchant, and thoroughly questioned him about this man Muhammad (pbuh) who claims to be the Last Prophet of God. After receiving the answers to his questions, Heraclius pondered deeply for a while and then summed up the conversation thus:

“You say that this man belongs to a noble family. Prophets always come from noble families. You say that no-one else in his family ever before claimed Prophethood. Had it been so I would have thought that he was influenced by family traditions. You say that none of his predecessors was a king. Had it been so I would have thought that he was aspiring to kingship. You admit that he never tells lies. A person who does not lie to a man cannot lie about God. You say that poor people are his followers. The first followers of Prophets always came from this class. You say that his religion is expanding. This is a characteristic of a true religion. You say that he does not deceive. Prophets do not deceive anyone. You say that he bids you to offer regular prayers and to observe purity and chastity. If all this is true, his domain will come right up to my kingdom! I had thought that a Prophet would be coming but I did not think that he would be born in Arabia. If I could go there I would have paid homage to him.” Heraclius’ prediction came true, but alas, he too proved to be just another intellectual who was prepared to admit, though not submit to the belief in the final Messenger Muhammad (pbuh).


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