The word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible. Any thinking Christian who is a sincere seeker of the TRUTH should ponder over the fact that Jesus Christ (pbuh) himself preached unity of Godhead and never “Trinity”. Note well Jesus’ answer when the Jewish scribe asked him about the First Commandment: “ AND JESUS ANSWERED HIM: ‘THE FIRST OF ALL THE COMMANDMENTS IS; HEAR O ISRAEL, THE LORD THY GOD IS ONE LORD.’ ” - (MARK 12:29)

In the very lifetime of Jesus (pbuh) and for more than 200 years thereafter, the early “Christians” worshipped alongside Jews in the Temple. History has proven that the first church was only erected at around 300CE. If these early followers of Jesus (pbuh) had worshipped anyone except the One True God – Eloh in Hebrew (Allah in Arabic: Hebrew and Arabic are sister Semitic languages) – they would quickly have been banned from the Temple. But this did not happen since the early “Christians” were merely Jews who had accepted Jesus (pbuh) as the new holy Prophet and Messiah. This was the only doctrinal difference between them and regular Jews. Thus, most of the early followers of Jesus were Unitarians who never ascribed divinity to Jesus(pbuh). We at Islam Awareness Centre issue a friendly challenge to any of our readers to bring to our attention any Gospel saying of Jesus Christ (pbuh) which shows that he preached a “Trinity”. We state categorically that the ‘Doctrine of Trinity’ is a teaching of the early Roman Church, heavily influenced, as we all know, by all the mythical “God Incarnates” such as the Hercules, Apollo and Mithra of Roman and Persian Paganism. The True God is One. The Prophet of Mercy, Muhammad(pbuh), was sent, partly in order to rescue the followers of his Predecessor(pbuh) from that Ultimate Sin which Almighty God will never forgive – the breaking of the First Commandment. Please "like" and "share" for the benefit of others


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