The propaganda of Western media, really has us fooled. An American or European woman who literally dresses and behaves like a prostitute, is portrayed as liberated, fashionable and enlightened, while a Muslim woman who, out of modesty, chooses to wear the hijaab, is seen as backward, misguided and oppressed. What a perversion of values! The poor woman in the West has been deceived and thinks that males have eventually relented by allowing her certain artificial freedoms of movement and behaviour, and thereby are giving her “liberation”. However, since the so-called “emancipation” of women, Western women are actually suffering more nervous breakdowns and psychiatric illness than ever before. In addition, women are now tragically subjected to increased level of rapes, molestation, unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS infection and STD’s, abortions, divorces, etc. What kind of freedom is this?

In Islam, a woman’s virtue is sacred. It is therefore upheld and safeguarded just as a prized jewel is kept safely hidden. Contrast this with the norm in the West where women’s bodies are paraded to the public and even used in the commercial world to sell anything from cars to insurance policies! It is true that in most Western countries, pornography is hardly even denounced as evil anymore, thereby reducing the dignity of women to cheap sexual objects. Western female fashion of the day is decided upon by morally depraved males in Paris, Milan or New York! What kind of freedom is this? The Islamic hijaab has been prescribed by Almighty God Himself and certainly maintains a woman’s lofty dignity while also protecting her from sexual molestation. In human history, primitive societies were always characterized by nakedness, promiscuity and shamelessness, whereas modesty, chastity and concealment of the naked body is certainly a sign of an advanced and civilized people. The USA is the world’s technological superpower but is also one of the world’s major immorality centers in the throes of immense breakdown of the basic family structure. Because the Zionist-dominated Western media are bent on demonizing Muslims and Islam, the respected reader will be surprised to hear that crime rates are far lower in Muslim countries, in spite of their brutal, corrupt rulers propped up by the US Government. Rapes are almost unheard of in Muslim countries where hijaab is practiced. Statistics show that 1 in 20 UK women have already been raped. An average of 167 women in England and Wales are raped each day! In South Africa, where the “American dream” is promoted as a societal model, a woman is raped every 26 seconds! What kind of freedom is this? For the sincere Truth-seeker, this is food for thought …


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