We’ve grown accustomed to hearing the old propaganda originating from some Christians and atheists in Western countries, namely that Muslim women are subjugated and oppressed by being forced by their husbands and fathers to conceal their bodies from the public. In reply, we will not go into the whole counter-argument that this is God’s Law and not a decision taken by a tyrant husband, nor will we at length explain that modest Islamic dress has been prescribed for Muslim men as well, neither will we have to remind Christians that Islamic Hijaab for women is prescribed by Jesus(pbuh) in Matthew 5:28 also. (cf. the modest dress of Mary pbuh, mother of Jesus).

Rather, lets remind those propagandists that their web of deceit is being broken by none other than their own! Professional, educated, white and black women in the United States and Europe are embracing Islam at an astounding rate, and as if that was not enough, they are defying Western society’s immoral norms and out of their own free will, going into Hijaab. So to those who have been indoctrinated by the myth (Muslims and non-Muslims), we pose this question: “What makes an intelligent, beautiful, independent young woman take all the trouble to adopt the much-criticised Islamic alternative?” Could it be that she has merely abandoned her prejudices and become a sincere Truth-seeker, after which Almighty Allah has guided her to Islam? The Blessed and Merciful Being that He is could guide you too, respected reader, but only if you are prepared to sacrifice. Why not contact Islam Awareness Centre now?


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