HAS THE BIBLE BEEN CHANGED? What the Christian scholars say… “A copyist would sometimes put in, not what was in the text, but what he thought out to be in it. He would trust a fickle memory, or he would make the text accord with views of the school to which he belonged.” - Reverend I.M. Drummelow, Bible Commentary, Cambridge University. “I saw that God had especially guarded the Bible, yet when copies of it were few, learned men had in some instances changed the words, thinking that they were making it plain, when in reality, they were mystifying that which was plain, by causing it to lean to their established views, which were governed by tradition.” - Ellen C. White, Bible Commentary, vol. 1 pg. 14.

“Therefore we are able to detect faults even in our almost perfect Authorised Version – mistakes here and there which scholars have known of for some time past; verses where the rendering needed to be improved, and in a few instances, passages whose right to stand in the Bible at all was very doubtful.” - Rev. J. Patterson Smyth (B.D, LL.D) in “How We Got Our Bible”, pg. 17. “As time went on, it became evident that the Authorised Version was far from correct. Consequently a Revised Version was produced, and those responsible for the new version stated that they had discovered 36191 mistakes in the old version.” - Authur Findlay in “The Rock of Truth.” “There is no book in the Old Testament which has suffered more from corruption that Hosea. There is hardly a single verse of which the reader can be sure that it has not been more or less altered.” - Prof. T.H. Robinson in “An Introduction to the Books of the Old Testament,” pg. 354. “Copyists make a mistake. Those who make further copies usually repeat the mistakes that have already been made and make fresh ones of their own.” – C.H. Herklots in “How the Bible Came to Us”, pg. 143. “New Testament scholars, for example, point out that the gospel accounts of Jesus’ passion and death are hopelessly confused; facts have been changed.” – Karen Armstrong in “Muhammad”, pg. 51. WHAT GOD SAYS… “HAVE YE ANY HOPE THAT THEY WILL BE TRUE TO YOU (O MUHAMMAD), WHEN A PARTY OF THEM WOULD LISTEN TO THE WORD OF GOD AND THEN WOULD CHANGE IT KNOWINGLY AFTER THEY HAD UNDERSTOOD IT.” – (QUR’AN 2 : 75) “THEREFORE WOE BE UNTO THOSE WHO WRITE THE SCRIPTURE WITH THEIR OWN HANDS AND SAY: ‘THIS IS FROM GOD’, THAT THEY MAY PURCHASE A SMALL GAIN THEREWITH. WOE UNTO THEM FOR WHAT THEIR HANDS HAVE WRITTEN AND WOE UNTO THEM FOR WHAT THEY EARN THEREBY.” - (QUR’AN 2 : 79)


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