“There is probably in the world no other book which has remained twelve centuries with so pure a text.” -Sir William Muir in “Life of Muhammad”, vol. 1 pg. 22 “There are in the public libraries of Europe many Qur’anic manuscripts of high antiquity, the oldest dating probably from the second Islamic century, but apart from some anomalies of spelling due to rudimentary character of the early Arabic orthography, no real variant can be detected in them. This conclusion is borne out by Noldake…” -A. Mingana in “Encyclopaedia of Religions and Ethics”, vol. 10 pg 549.

“The text of the Qur’an is the purest of all the works of a like antiquity.” - Wherry in “Commentary of the Qur’an”, vol. 1 pg. 349 “It is an immense merit in the Qur’an that there is no doubt as to its genuineness … that every word we can now read with full confidence that it has remained unchanged through nearly thirteen hundred years.” -Lane Pool in “Selections from the Qur’an”, Introduction. “Over the centuries, many theories have been offered as to the origin of the Qur’an … Today no sensible man accepts any of these theories.” - NEW CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPAEDIA WHAT GOD SAYS… “VERILY WE HAVE REVEALED THE REMINDER (QUR’AN) AND CERTAINLY WE SHALL BE ITS GUARDIAN.” - (QUR’AN 15 : 19) “DO THEY NOT PONDER OVER THE QUR’AN? HAD IT BEEN FROM ANYONE BESIDES GOD, THEY WOULD HAVE FOUND THEREIN MANY A DISCREPENCY - (QUR’AN 4 : 82) “INDEED WE HAVE BROUGHT THE TRUTH TO YE, BUT MOST OF YE HAVE A HATRED FOR THE TRUTH.” - (QUR’AN 43: 78)


Who we are

Islam Awareness Centre, based in Port Elizabeth is run by a group of dedicated Muslims who's aim is to assist those interested in Islam and provide them with info of the teachings of the beautiful religion!

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  • We distribute Islamic literature
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  • Training Dawah workers
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  • Assist new reverts
  • Host Masjid tours

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